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Holly is fresh out of college and has a new job trial as a pie tester. She has to test out as many custard pies as Miss Michaela can throw at her. On her first day, Miss Michaela sits her down and, with the help of her assistant, plasters her in custard pies. She can hardly come up for air as they continuously trash her in pie after pie after pie...
Coming Soon....

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Tamsin & Jessica Piefight - Coming Soon....
A very nervous Samantha sits in Messyworld's pie chamber. Surrounding her are 50 Custard and Cream Pies and a very cruel Messy Mistress. Samantha is smothered in the pies until she is left as one large dessert of her own complete with sticky sweet sauces. How will she handle the splattering!

Testing out a range of coloured pies from cream to custard to strawberry to chocolate all pelted at our model for a transformation into a full sticky dessert.

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All locked up in the stocks, neck and wrists locked in position and no way of escape. Natalie can only wait in anticipation to be completely transformed into a big pie herself.
Michaela has some pie fun, smothering herself with pies and getting herself really messy!
Tied to the cross and pied with as many foam pies as possible, no way of escape all she can do is watch the pies getting closer and closer towards her face!!!!

Michaela is given a full pie makeover.


Welcome Pies
Cross Pied
Michaela's Pie Fun
Pillory Pies
Colourful Pie Makeover
Samantha Smothered in Pies
Holly Smothered In Custard Pies