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Running Time: 18:49
Estate Agent Rachel has noticed that her own sales figures are low. Her job is at risk and she needs to do something fast. But how does she discipline herself? A phone call to Messyworld should help. She calls Miss Michaela who agrees to give her some 'Motivational Therapy'. A bloody good Gunging whilst tied securely to her cross. This one is going to be very intense for Rachel. Another ruined business suit!
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Running Time: 32:58
Karen comes to Messyworld for an audition, let's see if she passes her first test? Miss Michaela will have her fun with her using a plethora of pies, but the big question is, how will she clean off?
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Running Time: 15:08
Alex K introduces the brand new Messyworld 'Destroyer' Gunge Tank. Nozzles & Pipes at the ready, and plenty of them, it's time for a super gunge fest, let the games begin...
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Running Time: 41:16
For a large part of the past decade, one model in particular has been a big part of the site. After 10 years of hosting, some of Michaela's most gunged victims get their own back in the biggest ever birthday sploshing in what is the biggest gunging Messyworld has ever done!
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Running Time: 02:38
Crystal puts Debbie in the gunge tank in her bridesmaid's dress in revenge for her winning at SlimeShopper.
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Running Time: 06:05
Model, Caitlyn (Lisa's Cookery Corner, Meet The Dragonesses!), tries out an alternative setting in the new 'Destroyer' tank.
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Running Time: 10:00
Continuing her job interview, Karen goes through The Human Carwash in business wear.
Welcome to Miss Michaela's 'Alternative Beauty Salon', equipped with the very latest makeover technology. Chelsea is here for a luxury alt makeover session. She has been warned, she may get a little bit of product on her during the makeover process!
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Running Time: 14:35
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